Отливки (стержневая технология)

Баббитовый мотылевый подшипник для двигателя типа "NVD"

Барашек для люковых закрытий

Кокильная машина

Корпус редуктора

Поршни для "NVD-48" производства ООО "ТСРЗ"

Секция выхлопного коллектора двухтактного 32-х цилиндрового дизельного двигателя

Секция выхлопного коллектора двухтактного 32-х цилиндрового дизельного двигателя



The foundry site of LLC TSRZ was organized in 2009. The production capacity of the casting site is 25 tons per month.

For the manufacture of castings, sand casting methods are used (HTS and hot boxes with molding on a core machine) and in a chill mold. The scope of a casting method is determined by the volume of production, requirements for geometric accuracy and surface roughness of castings, economic feasibility and customer requirements. We also produce heat treatment of aluminum castings according to T2, T5, T6 modes.

In 2010, modern equipment, both industrial and domestic, was purchased, installed and put into operation, including:

  1. Screw mixer for the preparation of molding compounds;
  2. Melting furnaces for aluminum 2 pcs;
  3. Rod core forming machine.
  4. Chill machines 3 pcs.
  5. Thermal ovens 2 pcs.
  6. Trimming machines 3pcs.

In July 2011, the permission of the River Register of the Russian Federation was received to fill in the crank bearings of the NVD 48, 6L275 engines and other ship bearings with Babbit B83, followed by boring on the mechanical section according to the size of the customer. Pistons casting for NVD 48 engine, frame bearings, ejectors, etc. is mastered.

In 2015 received permission from the River Register for pouring and machining of baller couplings. > We work only with reliable suppliers of materials and components, which, together with high-tech equipment and qualified personnel, allows us to provide high quality products. Well-established supply chain ensures uninterrupted production. Production technologies and equipment.

Production technologies and equipment

The available equipment allows to perform all the necessary operations for the needs of ship repair that meet high quality requirements. Using modern technologies can significantly reduce the cost of production. Applied equipment at the departments of hull-welding, ship-lifting, mechanical works, finishing works, foundry production makes possible to develop production of both new parts and new services with minimal expenditures on local upgrades.

Technologies and technical documentation related to the production of parts are coordinated with customer quality control services.

In 2014, LLC TSRZ carried out work on the implementation of a quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 at the enterprise and according to the results of an audit in December 2014 received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 No. 3765.04 ENSO-ISO 9001-42.