"Doosan 222TIL"

"Восход" до ремонта

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Салон "Восход" до ремонта

Салон "Восход" после ремонта

Салон "Восход" после ремонта

High speed fleet

LLC TSRZ has successfully mastered the work on the modernization of high-speed hydrofoil vessels.

In 2016, two Voskhod type vessels were put into operation.

Work performed on these vessels:

  1. Replacing the outdated (date of manufacture. 1965) Soviet M401 engine with a reliable Doosan diesel engine (manufactured in South Korea).
  2. Repair and restoration of a propulsion and steering system.
  3. Repair and restoration of electrical parts.
  4. Repair of the hull and wing devices.
  5. Full trim, replacement of furniture, plumbing, illuminators, etc.

Advantages of the new engine:

  1. The service life of the engine M 401 was only 3,500 hours, and its hourly consumption of lubricating oil was 6 liters per hour.
  2. Doosan engine has:
    • the service life of 30,000 hours to overhaul;
    • modern electric starting from 2 control panels (in the engine room and wheelhouse);
    • low noise level in comparison with the M 401 engine
    • higher power (200 hp), which contributes to an increase in the maximum speed of up to 70 km / h and a decrease in the time of lifting on foiling mode.