Mini-snowmobile " Rezvy"

  The mini-snowmobile “Rezvy” has a high maneuverability and can move freely in the snow with a depth of over 40 cm. It is focused on winter fishing enthusiasts, but can also be successfully used by hunters to move through the forest and fields. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, "Frisky" is easily assembled and disassembled and can be transported in any passenger car.      


Name  Units  Value
Assembled LxBxH mm



Caterpillar width mm 380
Weight kg 70
- motoblock kg 30
- Caterpillar-block      kg 32
- front beam kg 3
- front skis kg 2х5
- trunk with seat kg 5
Max speed Km/h 20
Engine power (2 types) kW 4,8
hp 6,5  / 7,0
Engine build:    



6,5 hp

8,0 hp



Maximum load capacity kg 200
persons 2
Fuel type   AI 92
Fuel consumption l/h 1,5-2
Fuel tank capacity l 3,6



Manufacturer: Togliatti Shipyard. Price - 85 900 rubles (listed with the engine Lifan 8 l / s), retirees discount. An asterisk of increasing speed as a gift.

Contact person: Kartazaev Vitaly Valerevich, honeycomb. tel. 89372389660, 89277808230 (Viber), 8 (8482) 45-05-47

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