Slip cross, comb G-300, area 54754.0 m2.

It is capable to lift vessels up to 140 m in length with a dock weight of up to 2,000 tons, equipped with 10 winches and dock carriages on an inclined part, 45 slip carts, two Abus gantry cranes of 16 tons each. There is a quay wall with a length of 203 m with a Ganz crane with a value of 27.5 tons. , as well as 5 buildings for the main and auxiliary production.

The number of vessels placed simultaneously on the slip depends on their dimensions and is 5 vessels of the type "Volgoneft" (length 132 m, width 16.5 m, dock weight 1650 tons) and 8-15 vessels in length from 20 to 100 m.