Today the company provides the following services:

  • lifting and repair of vessels with dock weight up to 2000 t., Up to 140 m long, up to 22 m beam.
  • construction of technical fleet, auxiliary, cargo and high-speed vessels
  • fault detection and repair:
  • ship hulls, propulsion and steering complex of ships with the restoration of parts, support and deck mechanisms;
  • repair of pumps PD №5;
  • ship systems, ship boilers, ship electrical equipment, automation;
  • reconstruction by raising the double bottom; elimination of overbending of the hull;
  • overhaul of ship diesel engines NVD 48, NVD 26,
  • sandblasting the hull and coating;
  • construction of new ships using elements of old ships or renovation of existing ships, construction of new small vessels;
  • winter dry sludge of small vessels with repair and maintenance work;
  • production of non-standard equipment and metal structures;
  • interior decoration of vessels;
  • surfacing of butterfly bearings;
  • manufacture of 48 NVD pistons, ram and crank bearings, ship ejectors, lances of the KVA boiler;
  • casting non-ferrous metals of varying complexity (aluminum, bronze);
  • production of portable snowmobiles.