"Togliatti Shipyard" is one of the few enterprises in the region of the river Volga, which is actively developing in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair.

The official date of birth of the Ship Repair in Tolyatti is September 13, 1957, when in Moscow an order was signed to include the Ship Repair Mechanical Plant in the operating enterprises of the Volga United River Shipping Company.

In 1998, Sudo-Volga OJSC was established on the basis of the Togliatti Mechanical Repair Plant. Later, three companies emerged as part of Sudo-Volga - Sudo-Volga OJSC, Togliatti Shipyard (TSC) and Togliatti Ship Repair Plant (TSRZ) LLC.

At the base of LLC TSRZ, the repair of river-sea class vessels and other large river vessels was localized. Auxiliary production, as well as the construction of small vessels organizationally derived in OJSC "Sudo-Volga" and LLC "TSV".

Production cooperation allowed us to flexibly treat customer requirements, effectively master new technologies and reduce costs.

The convenient location of enterprises, qualified personnel and a wealth of experience accumulated over 55 years of history guarantee a consistent quality of work performed that can satisfy the most demanding customer.

Geographical location of the manufacturer

The territorial advantages of our factory are the location between floodgates, which excludes the possibility of seasonal water fluctuations. Territorially LLC TSRZ is located in the middle part of the Volga River at the intersection of water, road, railway and pipeline routes, which makes it possible not only to organize the production of ship repair, but also to carry out cargo handling operations.